Michele Jones Galvin and Joyce Stokes Jones featured in Today’s CNY Woman magazine!

Michele Jones Galvin and Joyce Stokes Jones were featured in Today’s CNY Woman magazine! The 4-page article provides in-depth insight on their incredible journey as well as some interesting facts and tidbits about the family’s history. The article begins on page 23.

An excerpt from the article reads:

“Celebrated Civil Rights era literary figure James Baldwin famously said, “Know from whence you came. If you know whence you came, there are absolutely no limitations to where you can go.”

Michele Jones Galvin carries the air of a dignified woman who knows exactly from where she came. And lining the walls of her 1930s Syracuse home are testaments to this pride — African folk art paintings, prints of Buffalo Soldiers, a framed Harlem Renaissance poster, among other cultural pieces. But the most striking glimpse into her heritage hangs in the back corner of her living room. It is a portrait of a wise black woman, cloaked in a coffee-colored shawl and iconic head scarf. Many know this woman as Harriet Tubman, the conductor of the Underground Railroad. But to Galvin, she is simply “Aunt Harriet.””

Download the full magazine article (PDF) detailing their extraordinary journey.

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