“The Romulus Historical Society was honored to take part in the memorial service for Thomas Elliott.  It was long overdue and would not have been possible without his loving and caring family.  His story and that of the Dover 8 became alive for us that day and indeed it was a wonderful story.  When we are born in freedom it is difficult to imagine the pain & suffering that others endured for a right we take for granted.  Thank you for enlightening us.”

- Margaret Ellsworth, President of the Romulus Historical Society

“I am writing in support of the publishing of Beyond the Underground.  Harriet Tubman, Moses of Her People. I have listened with great interest and awe to Michele’s family stories over the years of our friendship.  The personal accounts by her mother are an aspect I am longing to read.  I was able to see the pictures from their trip to Africa, and hear of the discoveries they made. I teach in a primarily African-American school, and we have just celebrated African-American History Month.  We as a society are in such need for heroic stories.  I read Pinkney’s story Minty with one of my groups at school.  Harriet Tubman’s story is a real inspiration for our children, as well as adults.  How exciting it is that we have citizens who can share with us even more personal reflections about their family’s experiences!”

- Ellen A. Donigan, Academic Intervention Teacher

“We know the tremendous contribution and personal sacrifice that Harriet Tubman made as a fighter for freedom and human rights. It is a rare opportunity to learn more about her life and the experiences that molded her from family members we can touch and feel. This is a rare treat that we look forward to with great anticipation.”

- Esther Curenton, LCSW-R New York City

“My husband and I attended the memorial service for Thomas Elliott and my wish would be to have tombstones for all the people buried there– an acknowledgment of their existence.  There on this sunlight day in a roughly mowed cemetery, with no adjacent tombstones, Thomas Elliot was reconnected with his family.  In an amazing way, time compressed itself and his life was not so far in time from ours. The service connected him to the past and to the present.  And in the same way, I expect this book about Harriet Tubman to make connections for us.”

- Mary O’Hara, Retired Librarian

“I know the accomplishments of Harriet Tubman.  When I see her picture, I see strength, I see determination and I see grit.  But I keep looking to see unnamed other aspects of her.  I want to know more about her as a person, an individual.  What this book means to me is the opportunity to have the blanks filled in, to see her as a member of a family, a woman with friends, relatives, what they knew and what they thought of her.  I want a more complete picture. Like the heroine, in the book Beyond the Underground. Aunt Harriet, Moses of Her People, two other heroines took a journey. Similar in nature, Joyce and Michele embarked upon a tireless journey to research, discover, record and collect their family history, as it relates to their ancestor, Harriet Tubman. I join in to thank all who made the efforts of Harriet, Joyce and Michele become a book to share with the public.”

- Vernita King, New York State Division of Housing and Community Renewal, Assistant Commissioner (retired)

“Michele and her mother, Joyce Stokes Jones, have spent many of hours, days, weeks and years to bring to all the life and legacy of Harriet Tubman’ past and now the future. Sitting at the grave site to celebrate the life of the long lost relative, great-grandfather Thomas Elliott and the history that it holds makes one think of their own ancestors and the struggles that they had.  It was great to have my grandson there to share with him firsthand the struggles of our ancestors.  We have only heard and read about the life of Harriet Tubman of the past, but this book will bring a different, exciting light on Harriet’s life that continues on today through Michele and Joyce.”

- Mrs. Mildred G. Williams, Special Education Teacher

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