“I feel that it is a blessing for your Mom to have embarked on this endeavor to write about Aunt Harriet Tubman.  It was clear to me that when your mom read an excerpt from her book during the memorial of great grandfather, Thomas Elliott, that it was all heartfelt, and had emotional impact.  The words gave you insight and visuals as to the other aspects to the life of Harriet Tubman.”

- Shirley Rower, Member of Sista’s Literary Circle

“Harriet Tubman certainly was a visionary, seeing the potential of those enslaved people, if freed, to enjoy the benefits beyond slavery and indeed, “Beyond the Underground.” We are confident that she envisioned a time where her descendants would not only be free to write this biography but also where Joyce and Michele would be educated and respected leaders of their community. The acts of Harriet Tubman 170 years ago have paved the way for millions “Beyond the Underground” to represent her magnificently, but few more profoundly than Joyce and Michele.”

- Carrie Hunt, Grants Coordinator, Madison County, NY and John Hunt, Technical Support, Organic Products Group, Lebanon Turf

“It was a moving experience to hear Joyce Jones read the first chapter of the book aloud. The story came alive from the shores of Africa, the Atlantic crossing, the landing in Maryland.  Truly a vivid and inspirational testament to the heroism of her ancestor, Harriet Tubman and to the dedication and commitment of Joyce Jones and Michele Jones Galvin to share their famous aunt with the world.”

- Karen Howe, President, George & Rebecca Barnes Foundation

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