Ellen A. Donigan, Academic Intervention Teacher

“I am writing in support of the publishing of Beyond the Underground.  Harriet Tubman, Moses of Her People. I have listened with great interest and awe to Michele’s family stories over the years of our friendship.  The personal accounts by her mother are an aspect I am longing to read.  I was able to see the pictures from their trip to Africa, and hear of the discoveries they made. I teach in a primarily African-American school, and we have just celebrated African-American History Month.  We as a society are in such need for heroic stories.  I read Pinkney’s story Minty with one of my groups at school.  Harriet Tubman’s story is a real inspiration for our children, as well as adults.  How exciting it is that we have citizens who can share with us even more personal reflections about their family’s experiences!”

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